Monday, November 19, 2007

Point of notice:

Rumor has it that soon all adventurers will be able to go back to the times of the Great War. On Altana's Wings, we will fly back to the past, or something like it.

We Star Onion Cats like history, Cieria took a lot of history courses during her days as an Aurastery Acolyte, even going so far as to attend the Lightsday Lectures, without recieving extra credit for it.

Me...well, I likes dinosaurs?

I want one! Give! Now!

So yeah, when Cie told me we were only going so far back in time, and there'd be no dinosaurs, I just about turned in my adventuring certificate to apply to the Mamool Ja Army. But they wanted to make me a Thief again, so I said forget it. Then they tried to kill me.

I guess they're sensitive about adventurers coming in to steal their best jobs. Well, you keep on riding your friggin' Triceratopses! One day, you won't have them anymore, and I'll stomp you with my army of velociraptors!

So yeah, I'll go talk to Cid. Maybe he can make a time machine that can go back far enough to wrangle me up my own dinosaur. The Scholars aren't going to do it for me. Or maybe....


Have stuff to do, gotta go!