Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Agenda of the Windurstian Babes Society:

Order! order!

We've got a busy day ahead of us ladies and only so much time. Cieria, hon, I know you've been asking for a puppy, but now is not the time to try and pick one up from Zi'tah. We've got other things to do.

Unfortunately, I don't have a visual aid for this, but our first mission, when we choose to accept it, is to sneak through Ro'Maeve, the Temple of Uggalepih, and the Quicksands Cave to find... songs. Yes, songs. The annual Karaoke Contest for the Vana'diel Legion of Women Adventurers is coming up, and we cannot let the Elvaan Pop Idols win again! The songs might be a pain to get, but ladies, with these and some snappy new outfits, we're guaranteed not only victory but a breakaway pop hit.

After this, we should convene in the Inner Horutoto Ruins. As part of our dedication ot serving Windurst, we must test out the Three Mage Gate to make sure the security is still working. If we also happen to find a few skeletons who'd like to share tea and crumpets before they die a slashy, pokey, or fiery death, all the better.

Once tea time with the Wendigos is over, we go through the Toraimarai Canal and to the Full Moon fountain. We've got a date ladies--a date with our destiny! Let's go in, be strong, and try our darndest not to die... too much.

And by destiny, I mean playing poker using Cardian Tarot Cards. The only stakes are all in, and the jackpot is our lives. As you see, I'll keep the Ace tamed while Cieria, Kysenna, Solare sleep and heal, essentially getting our strength up for the next game.

Hey, wait! What's a boy doing at our meeting. Eww! Oh wait, it's just Ajido Marujido and what's this, he wants to help and needs to be baby-sat? Oh...I guess, if he insists. Just no flirting, and stay away from the Mithra tails.

With the poker game over, and Ajido Marujido along, now we've got some serious work to do. A dragon and a manticore would like to play with us on the behalf of some sucky anti-Windurstian campaign. Using our proven strategy (Try not to die too much), we will knock down them both, and perhaps even a Solare as a bonus. In which case we can have the ultimate weapon of evil cute, the Solly Zombie roaming across Vana'diel.

And what's our final reward?

Why a guided tour of Windurst Walls provided by the Star Sybil and her guards. Now we'll know all the secrets and hotspots of Windy's most elite neighborhoods.